Creative Director



Hi, I'm fredolfo

Well, that's what my friends call me. I've been professionally in the advertising business for about 17 years. Of those, 12 as a Creative Director in advertising agencies in Latin and North America. My primary focus is the transformation of material culture through brand experiences. As a designer I understand the relevance of ergonomics, aesthetics and user experience, while as a marketing creative I recognize the importance of the unexpected and embrace the value of the cultural insights. I have a great passion for technology and innovation. Love pushing the limits of where creativity and technology meet by designing solutions that solve complex business challenges, and by connecting consumers to their products and services at a personal level.

My client experience includes LG, HP, SAP, Texaco, United Nations, NHL, Bacardi, Accenture, Danon, MetLife, Vanguard, NBC Universal, J&J, Nestlé, Time Warner Cable, Pfizer, Humana, Google, Electrolux, Clorox Group, LifeScan, Davidoff, Xerox, ADP and StartUpNY.



Digital Strategy, Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Advertising, Branding, Illustration, User Experience,  Emerging Technologies, Team Leadership, Talent Recruiting, Team Structuring, Social Media, Information Architecture, Project Planning, Interactive Media Production, Large Scale Application Development.

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