Creative Director

Humana. Close the Gap campaign

2014 - 2015

Creative Director

For a Fortune 70 company who had never done a brand campaign in it’s 53 years of existence, Humana faced quite a task. Not only did Humana aim to change the negative perception of healthcare, they also wanted to demonstrate their genuine industry leadership.

In a category that sees brands unwilling to discuss the negative aspects of healthcare, RAPP figured out a way for Humana to stand out. We created a brand positioning that addresses the frustration and complexity of healthcare head on. In doing so, we position Humana as a customer-focused innovator, one who is working to simplify things and close the gap between people and care. 

But closing the gap between people and care is more than just a brand idea and an advertising campaign for Humana: it's a cause that will drive the culture and behavior of the entire business for years to come.

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